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Sculpted in Zbrush, game mesh and UVs in Maya, bakes with xNormal and textures with Photoshop and Deeppaint, and finally rigged and skinned back in Maya.


For the heart the rig uses an IK spline for the two arteries so they can be freely moved and squashed/stretched and on top of this, it has a set of SDK bones to mimic the blood pumping. These bones are in turn controlled by the IK splines. The Main body has regular FK for body movement and SDK bones for blood pumping.


The heart slug uses a simple IK spline for the main body and bones for the mouth control.


Game engine was Unrealengine3 so shader creation was handled there, incl ragdolls and dismemberment which also was developed by me together with code support. The turnaround for this entire project was very short so time was very limited for each character and on each part of that characters creation process. On avarage, for each character i had about 2 weeks time get a character in game.


For these ones specifically, i spent 1 day on the model creation and implementtion, and 1 day on the rigging/skinning.


On this character, my tasks included



-UVs, Bakes and Texures

-Rigging and Skinning

-Engine Implementation

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Copyright © 2017 Pedram Karimfazli, unless stated otherwise. All other artwork is shown with permission.